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Q: How can you do that?
A: First of all make a booking here.

Q:Is the booking compulsory?
A:Yes, you have to make it 2 hours before your arrival, because the room has to be arranged.

Q: How long does the game last?
A: You have 60 minutes to get out of the room. We advice you to come 15 minutes before the hour you booked in order to get additional advice.

Q: How many people can take part?
A: The game is for a group of 2-14 people.

Q: Is the game only for Roumanian speakers?
A: No, the game is also for those speaking English too.

Q: May I take pictures or may video record in the room?
A: No one is allowed to use mobile phones or cameras in the room, you can only use them outside the room.

Q: Our group is bigger than 5 people can we play together?
A: For the moment this game can not be played by more than 14 people.

Q: We want to make a booking for a bigger group.
A: You should contact via e-mail for details and individual prices.

Q: Is the game frightful or horrifying?
A: No, there are no frightening elements in our game. The game is based on logical issues on solving all the tasks intuitively and mathematically, all these will help the team escape the room.

Q: I’d like to buy a gift voucher. How can I do that?
A: The gift vouchers may be bought on the spot or via e-mail.