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About Escape Room


The concept "escape room" appeared for the first time in Japan under the form of online games in which one has to escape from a locked room. After that the online game was turned into reality.
Right now this escape room game is very popular and spread around the world.


A group of people ( at least two persons) are locked in a room (don’t be afraid you can get out of it anytime you wish). Once you are in the room, the game becomes a challenge for everybody to talk to each other, to gather the clues, to solve the puzzles, to be very attentive to all details to make analogies in order to find out the solution to escape the room. Getting out of the room becomes very challenging and fun as the time goes by because you have only 60 minutes to escape. If you are stuck somewhere, there is no problem, you can ask for some more clues in order to go on further.


To all people of any age (children under 10 years old have to be accompanied by their parents or by an adult).
Wheather you come with your friends, family or mates you have to be sure that you will enjoy yourselves.

Thanks to people from Constanta and local media for your interest from the opening until now. Thanks to you we managed to create a relaxing intelligent space and also we kept moving forward. Thank you all for your support.

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